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Volunteers support a broad range of programs and initiatives at ACCESS. Achieving our mission wouldn’t be possible without the support of our dedicated team of volunteers!

Opportunities change throughout the year depending on program needs and strategic priorities. We are always pleased to have a conversation to provide further information and to discuss opportunities at ACCESS.

ACCESS values diversity on our team. We are committed to equality in volunteer engagement and welcome applications from individuals who have a range of backgrounds and who bring relevant and/or lived experience to support our mission.

Our Volunteers

The Volunteer Experience at ACCESS

Leonard Dalipi

Leonard Dalipi

With a dynamic career in business consulting, Leonard had heard about ACCESS here and there. Aligning with our mission already, plus hearing great things about the volunteer experience at ACCESS through a couple of his coworkers who were already volunteers, Leonard decided he could find some time to volunteer himself.

Loren Kousaie

Loren Kousaie

Loren has been an integral part of ACCESS despite only volunteering for just about one year. Initially drawn to facilitating for the Women’s Business Accelerator Program, Loren’s journey with us has been a dynamic and everchanging one, one where he embraces new opportunities as they arise. 

Sarah Eichstedt

Sarah Eichstedt

Sarah Eichstedt joined ACCESS as a Volunteer in November of 2023, starting as the program coordinator for the Women’s Business Launch and now volunteering as the coordinator for the Small Business Accelerator Program. In this role, Sarah introduces the facilitators, makes sure the sessions run smoothly, and answers any questions from the participants or facilitators.

Satbir Walia

Satbir Walia

In the late months of 2022, Satbir Walia saw ‘Volunteers Needed! Help us achieve our mission of empowering emerging entrepreneurs with the skills and funding they need to be successful!’ After looking more into ACCESS and aligning with our mission and purpose, Satbir decided to reach out for more.

Audrey Marie-Nely

Audrey Marie-Nely

Audrey Marie-Nely has been an ACCESS Volunteer since 2017. During her tenure, she has experienced all of the roles a volunteer at ACCESS can experience. Initially, Audrey was a part of the Loan Review Committee. During the COVID-19 pandemic, she stepped into the role of a business mentor for an entrepreneur in the Women’s Business Accelerator Program.

Volunteer Opportunities


The role of the facilitator is to develop and present specialized content related to small businesses. Topics are geared toward new and small business entrepreneurs and individuals with limited to no business training.

Read more about being a Facilitator.

Business Coach

ACCESS Business Coaches play an important role in supporting Clients who need help in developing and refining their business plans as well as developing specific skills to run their business more effectively. 

Read more about being a Business Coach

Loan Review Committee Member

LRC members review applications and conduct client interviews to assess the suitability of Small Business Loans program applicants for the requested loans and make the appropriate recommendations. LRC members also participate in committee meetings to present recommendations, evaluate applications and make decisions to approve loans or not.

Read more about being an LRC Member


For more information or to apply, contact our volunteer coordinator, Marie, by filling out the form.

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