Women's Business Accelerator

Women's Business Accelerator

The Women’s Business Accelerator is a free online workshop series that will provide you with the tools you need to launch a profitable business.

Small Business Accelerator

Small Business Accelerator

The Small Business Accelerator is a free workshop series that will equip you with the tools you need to develop your business idea and plan. 

Women's Business Launch

Women's Business Launch

This program offers a combination of interactive workshops and coaching sessions providing practical tools to help solidify your business plan and get you ready to launch or grow your business with confidence.


Vanessa Teran, WBA Client

It’s beautiful to see how one program can have a domino effect in someone’s life if you just continue on. So, I would highly recommend the program.”

Emmanuel Olimgbu, SBA Client

“The Small Business Accelerator Program helped me get more information, learn more, and it opened my eyes to the process of owning a business.”

Marchelle McKenzie, SBA & SBL Client

“That was a really big purchase that was holding us back a lot. Now we are baking things much faster and we can really push things out much faster.”

Bianca Allen, SBA & SBL Client

“There are so many aspects to business that a lot of beginners are going to be completely clueless about, so I would definitely recommend it to every business owner.”