Navita Verma, who took first place in our Women’s Business Accelerator pitch competition this spring, is passionate about bringing positive change to people with her line of eco-friendly, organic spices. Even though entrepreneurship runs in Navita’s family, it was never the path she envisioned for herself. “I was quite set that I was going to work a corporate job, nine-to-five; that was the vibe I had throughout university,” says Navita. “I always presumed I’m going to go work for a large corporation. I never saw myself as an entrepreneur.”

It wasn’t until trying to buy spices online that Navita realized there was a gap in the market and was inspired to start her own business. “Living downtown it was really challenging to find any sort of ethnic offering, so whatever Amazon sells is what I can buy,” she explains. It was then she realized there are a lot of products not being sold that people want to buy. With her background in market research, she began researching the space.

After hearing about the WBA last year, Navita decided it was exactly what she needed to translate her business idea into reality: “Through the program and doing the step-by-step workshops, it was a great combination of knowledge and support.” Navita’s vision is to be a seller and educator of natural and eco-friendly products at a price that’s in reach of the average consumer. “I’m focused on providing spices and seasonings for those who are health conscious and looking to explore a new cuisine, so we’re trying to specialize in high quality, organic non-GMO goods,” she adds.

When it came time for Navita to present her business idea in the pitch competition, the judges were impressed with her obvious hard work and preparation. She credits the program management, workshop leaders and her coach for providing her with knowledge and support during the three-month program.

Now with an officially registered Ontario business and plans to expand into a subscription service and moving into the B2B market, Navita is fully embracing her entrepreneurial spirit: “Working on my business has been one of the most rewarding things that have happened to me. For those who have ideas, push forward to make them come true because they’re not going to happen if you don’t do anything.” Through the program and doing the step-by-step workshops, it was a great combination of knowledge and support.

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