By: Jeannine Charles

Editor: Laura Harrop

At ACCESS, we help internationally trained professionals fulfill their purpose and achieve their career goals by relaunching their careers through our Foreign Credential Recognition Loan program.

Here’s a story of how one (talented) man dropped out of university in his home country and, with just a dream in hand, applied for a FCR Loan. He now works as an Application Software Engineer, here, in Canada.

Simeon Bourne is Bajan, meaning he comes from the Caribbean island of Barbados, with a total population that is less than a small city’s. However, this certainly did not stop Simeon from dreaming big.

First year university was not easy. “Hard was an understatement!” Simeon remembers. At this time, the Barbados education system had switched from free university education to a paid tuition structure, and he had to struggle to come up with money to pay for school. While studying, Simeon also had to work full time.

His life did not want to co-operate. His employer made it hard for him to leave work on time to make it to class, so he found himself missing classes, and he wasn’t making enough money to support himself and pay for school.

In 2011, Simeon had to drop out of school. Maturity hit him, and after his daughter was born, he realized he now had a responsibility to his growing family. He did not want to fail his wife and child.

In 2018, he was invited to apply for permanent residency in Canada. The settling process, including the apartment search for him and his family and putting down roots took up all of his time. This is when he reached out to Fares to find out more about the FCR loan program. Through Fares, Simeon qualified for a Foreign Credential Loan and was able to enroll in a full-time, Full Stack Web Development certification program at York University.

Adjusting to Canadian life, while being a full-time student, was definitely hard but, along with his family, Fares was with Simeon every step of the way.

York University is the reason Simeon was able to bolster and refine his skills. Fares was the reason he had the courage and the means to reconnect with his dream. Simeon credits the FCR program because without it, he wouldn’t have been able to attend, or confidently interview for his current position as a Full Stack Web Developer.

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