Leonard Dalipi

With a dynamic career in business consulting, Leonard had heard about ACCESS here and there. Aligning with our mission already, plus hearing great things about the volunteer experience at ACCESS through a couple of his coworkers who were already volunteers, Leonard decided he could find some time to volunteer himself.

“I am passionate about entrepreneurship, and I like to help entrepreneurs,” Leonard said. “ACCESS supports entrepreneurs, women entrepreneurs, so it has a great mission and vision, and what it does is just remarkable.”

Leonard has been an exceptional volunteer, facilitating the business ideation sessions for our accelerator programs, and our Clients often refer to those early sessions as some of their favourites.

“I enjoy getting to know the entrepreneurs and their stories of why they are passionate about starting their businesses,” Leonard said. “Also, having the opportunity to share my knowledge, I feel like I’m more of a coach providing some tools and materials so the entrepreneurs can use them. So that process of sharing the knowledge and being present with them is up there with things that I really enjoyed.”