May Lim

May Lim has had an evolutionary journey volunteering with ACCESS Community Capital Fund. Studying International Development Studies and Economics for her undergrad and coming out of grad school, she wanted to volunteer with an organization that aligned with her interests: impact-oriented financing and entrepreneurship. 

May started with ACCESS as a Business Coach in 2019. She was matched with a Client who participated in the Business Accelerator Programs and guided them on their business plans and ideas.

“I worked with one person in particular, who was trying to start up their piñata business in Toronto during COVID, there were no parties going on, so it was really tough,” May said. “But to help really kickstart this business – and the cherry on top is that it’s very successful now – it’s really rewarding.”

Eventually, she became a facilitator for the workshop sessions. Then in 2022, May became part of the loan review committee. 

“I started reviewing some candidates and presenting them to the committee,” May said. “And then, starting last year, I became one of the co-chairs of the loan review committee.”