Armel Ntwari

Armel Ntwari started volunteering with ACCESS in 2020. During his years with ACCESS, he has held steady as a business coach, giving participants in our Women’s and Small Business Accelerator Programs topic-specific and one-on-one coaching. 

What drew Armel to volunteering at ACCESS was that it was more than just helping people with their business ideas and plans. 

“It’s a combination of factors,” Armel said. “So, economic empowerment, financial inclusion, impact investing, and giving back.”

Armel likes the flexibility that being a one-on-one coach gives, where he will go into the session expecting to teach the Clients about one thing, then do a complete 180-degree turn and speak about something else. 

“I was meant to coach two women on presentation skills, but they ended up wanting advice on financial statements,” Armel said. “We did an Excel sheet, and they ended up coming in first and second [in the Women’s Business Accelerator pitch competition].”