As a graduate in the Women’s Business Accelerator program’s Fall 2020 cohort, Abir Accoumeh is excited for her future. Originally from Lebanon, she arrived in Canada from Kuwait in 2019 with her family, including three boys aged 11, 10 and 3.

With a background in human resources, Accoumeh soon discovered a passion for décor, and recognized that there were many unique items from Kuwait that might be of interest to the Canadian market.

“When we first arrived, because my child was still young and because it was a new country and I really needed some time to adapt, I decided not to work,” she says. “But when the pandemic hit it really drove me to want to do something. I started an online shop and when I connected with the accelerator program, the idea just grew from there.”

She says that what she’s taken away most from the program, apart from a refined business plan and a network of vital connections, is a sense of self-confidence.

“Now I believe in this idea more than ever,” she says. “Having the support of ACCESS has been so important to me. They will encourage you and they will motivate you and they will support you with everything. Even if it’s a really small idea, they support you.”

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