Satbir Walia

In the late months of 2022, Satbir Walia saw ‘Volunteers Needed! Help us achieve our mission of empowering emerging entrepreneurs with the skills and funding they need to be successful!’
After looking more into ACCESS and aligning with our mission and purpose, Satbir decided to reach out for more information. It was not long after that she was facilitating sessions.

With a career as a corporate lawyer, Satbir is able to impart much of her expertise to our Clients in the accelerator programs, allowing our Clients to learn the legalities of owning a business in Canada.

“I am an immigrant as well, so for me, a message I try to get across is to think of the law as something that enables you and your business as opposed to thinking it is something that you should be afraid of,” Satbir said. “In my perception, there is a lot of fear and not wanting to do something against the law, but try to see the law as something that will help you flourish.”

Although Satbir’s intention in volunteering with ACCESS was to contribute her skills to our mission, she often comes away from the sessions feeling inspired.

“I always find volunteering is a selfish experience, personally, because I end up getting a lot more than I feel like I can give back,” Satbir said. “It’s always very inspiring hearing people’s ideas and business plans and what they set out to achieve.”