Our Story

ACCESS Community Capital Fund is a non-profit organization dedicated to fostering inclusive economies by providing access to financial resources and support to historically, economically marginalized communities.

ACCESS began as a community initiative in Toronto’s Riverdale neighbourhood in 1999 to support struggling small business owners, expanding to serve the Greater Toronto Area as a microcredit community organization 10 years later. Over our 24-year history as a micro-lending organization, we’ve learned firsthand that our lending to marginalized communities required added support in order to make a lasting impact on our Clients’ lives. 

As a result, ACCESS developed wraparound support services through coaching, mentoring, and educational workshops for loan recipients and other aspiring entrepreneurs. Now, ACCESS provides a full suite of programs designed to nourish and support aspiring entrepreneurs, help build confidence, and provide clients access to the resources and skills needed to kickstart their future.

Our Mission

ACCESS creates economic opportunities by removing barriers to entrepreneurship through financing, education and mentorship.

ACCESS is committed to building a society where everyone has access to the resources they need to achieve their financial and entrepreneurial goals.


Our Board

Jay Oduwole


Katherine Pressnail


Chinedu Nwaodua


Alex Ciancio


Ammara Shirazi


Katrina Kairys


Helen Y. He


Tal Schwartz


Leslie Jamison


Our Staff

Jessica Kronis

Chief Executive Officer

Otis Mushonga

Director, Programs and Partnerships

Ruqia Karimi

Program Coordinator

Marie John

Coordinator, Volunteer Engagement

Ashley Cave

Communications Coordinator