Christon Taylor

Christon Taylor had a good idea for a business. What he didn’t have was a track record. That’s why he came to ACCESS two year ago. His instructor at Centennial College’s Entrepreneur Program strongly recommended them.

“I didn’t have a credit history, but even with no outstanding debts, I couldn’t get funds from the
banks”, says Christon. ACCESS understood what he was trying to accomplish. They made it clear that someone with his financial history was considered high risk, but they were willing to give him a chance.

After completing the application process – “tough but fair”, says Christon – he was approved for a $4000 loan. “That was a big help”, says Christon. “I used it for things like uniforms, a website, and marketing materials”.
He started making regular monthly payments a month after taking out the loan, in November 2015, and only has a few more months to go. The Right Movers has one full-time employee, and two on-call staff. It’s starting to make a name for itself: “We’re still building, but we’re on the right track”,notes Christon. “We’re getting good reviews, and 90 percent of my business is from referrals”.

Christon, a married father of two, is grateful to ACCESS: “With their help, I’m building something for my family”.