Alexander Carbone was seeking an organization that put its money where its mouth is. When ACCESS came up in a Google search, he knew he’d found it.

“I’m passionate about youth entrepreneurship and leadership, and helping young people overcome financial difficulties to start their own business,” says Alexander. With ACCESS, he has put that passion into action.

In June 2017 Alexander, 24 years old, signed up with the Loan Review Committee in Toronto. When it was restructured the following May, he was named as one of its rotating co-chairs. He believes that reorganization has been effective: “Our clients are getting a better hearing”.

Alexander is no stranger to volunteering. He is involved with Junior Achievement, which fosters financial literacy in young people and prepares them for career success. He also started his own non-profit, Toronto Professionals’ Volunteer Hub, to connect young professionals with meaningful volunteer opportunities.

Alexander’s time at ACCESS is well-spent: “It’s one of the few organizations where you can fully give back to the community”. Yet he gets a lot out of it too. As a strong advocate of skills-based volunteering, Alexander believes he has been given a great opportunity to develop and build upon the skills he has acquired throughout his career.

He’s also encountering people and businesses he doesn’t typically deal with as a consultant. Notes Alexander, “I work with large companies, so volunteering with ACCESS puts me in touch with ways of thinking I wouldn’t otherwise be exposed to. The clients and the volunteers have taught me a lot.”