About us

We’re committed to your success!

ACCESS Community Capital Fund gives everyone in our community the opportunity to reach their potential through sustainable employment and self-employment. By providing access to affordable loans, we help people achieve their dream of owning a business or finding success in a rewarding career.

What we do:

Small Business Loans

Our business clients have great ideas but are held back because of poor credit or a lack of assets. We offer low-interest loans to give emerging entrepreneurs access to the capital they need for success. They’re also matched with a free coach to ensure their business is backed with a solid plan.

Women’s Business Accelerator

Our free workshop series equips newcomer women with the tools they need to build a profitable business—and economic independence.

Education and outreach

Through our workshops and speaker series, we provide education on personal finance and managing debt to create long-term financial well-being. Contact us if you’d like to collaborate!

Our impact

Our clients report increased self-confidence, skills development, improvement in credit rating, and reduced debt. ACCESS loans create financial inclusion; by partnering with banks and credit unions, our clients can establish or improve their credit rating, opening the door to future economic opportunities.